Can’t everything in life be taught this way? Lesson two involved George Clooney. Enough said.
The rest of the lesson was a blur of course :p


Of Frogs and Beer!

It’s been 2 weeks here in Luxembourg and I guess I could start with any of many stories but I’m going to go with this one. Possibly because it’s the most recent, is about our current favorite bar and also because it was a pretty heartwarming and fun evening.

This might look like just another Christmas tree and I guess that was the idea (since Xmas is coming up) but if you look closer you’ll realize it’s a tower made entirely of empty Jagermeister bottles (if you don’t know what that is, you might as well stop reading right now… just kidding!). We walked to our favorite bar last night and found this along with a beautiful canopy of lights to welcome people… and a very welcome sight it was on a cold November evening in Luxembourg. It was also a great conversation starter and before long we were chatting with the lady who manages the place. She told us how her Polish co-worker’s father made the tower (!!) all on his own just because his daughter gave him some empty bottles to create ‘something’ with. This was his version of something.

So, we kept chatting through the evening and she told us about how much she loves the quiet of Luxembourg, the greenery, the infrastructure and how it feels almost magical to her. A Romanian originally, she has now been living here for 3 years and seems to love it! We spoke about a lot of things… drunken customers, teenage boys with attitudes, Luxembourg cops with a no-nonsense policy and sensitive neighbors among other things. A few hours after we first started chatting she came out to our table in a terrible panic and told us all about a frog she had discovered in her cellar. A frog with an agenda it seems… she mentioned that it constantly popped up when she finally relaxed because she thought it was gone. She was in quite a state and we could not stop laughing. She was terrified because she was wearing no socks and what if the frog decided to attack her ankles!? Quite a predicament. After promising to update us about the frog the next time we visited the bar, she went inside to ‘deal with it’.

We packed up and paid our bill, getting ready to leave for the evening. Suddenly we saw her come out the service entrance to the bar, looking even more panicked than before. It turned out her Polish colleague was now in the cellar trying to ‘hunt down’ the frog. She is not scared of them apparently and so wanted to catch it and let it go without hurting it. Although we could hardly stop laughing, we felt like we had to help so offered to go down there and do that.

If there is one place on Earth where it would be hard to find a frog, their cellar is it. Full of beer crates, cardboard boxes and a million little spaces to hide in, that cellar was a frog’s dream come true as far as wet damp hiding places go. There she was, this tiny Polish girl with a tiny brush trying to find it and catch it. Over the next 20 minutes, the brush became a large broom, the beer crates were moved multiple times and the phone battery was drained by using the torch. The frog of course was nowhere to be found and is probably still chilling in there somewhere!

We missed our bus, had the laugh of our lives, made friends with the rest of the staff and had to have another Guinness to pass the time till our next bus (obviously!). All in all, a very exciting Sunday night considering we went out to have ONE quiet beer.