A Million Little Things: ART FOR EVERYONE

Another favorite little discovery in Luxembourg… this passage is one of the most unexpected things for me in the city. It leads to an elevator cut into the hillside which takes you from the picturesque ‘Grund’ area up to a main street above. What is awesome about it is the fact that the passage has art on both sides. It features some incredible, thought-provoking work and each piece is very different from the others. The passage even ends at a giant notice board next to the elevator with notices, pub announcements and all matters of advertisements up on it… such a fun space created out of what could have been a drab public utility.


This is my ongoing series… I realized that often when I walk around Luxembourg I see things that stand out for me visually… sometimes because they are colorful or surprising or delightful, but sometimes just because they stay in my head for hours later.


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