Gluhed: The Urban Dictionary defines this as: The process of imbibing vast quantities of Gluhwein, a German spiced wine served around Christmas, preferably straight from the bottle, until such time as you are totally saturated within from the spiced wine.

Example: “Hey do you remember that party last night?” “No man, I was completely Gluhed out, its all a blur.”

This concept and conversation becomes rather easy to imagine if you walk into the Place D’Armes area in Luxembourg, around this time in November!

To give you some context… Luxembourg on any regular day is peaceful and beautiful in every way. It’s clean with fabulous infrastructure, well-mannered and quiet people, nobody creates a ruckus, people don’t shout or talk loudly and even the pubs late at night are active but hardly crowded with 20-25 people being a busy night. When we initially moved here we even worried about HOW we were going to survive the ‘quiet’ of it. I mean, we did come here from India after all and finding quiet means a road trip to the hills there! 25-30 people is house party with close friends and we all know how wild even those can get!

It’s been exactly one month since moved here to Luxembourg and THIS is the Luxembourg we have gotten used to and learned to like a lot.

Incidentally its also exactly one month to Christmas today and so we’ve been waiting to go see the Christmas market we’ve heard so much about. There are apparently several that happen around the city but we wanted to see the one in the city center area since we love that place. Turns out we were more impatient that we thought! So much so that we ended up going a day too early this week and nothing was open. The preparations we saw there only added to our excitement though… it was clear that the city took its Christmas market very seriously!

This is just one of the many many stalls in an otherwise empty city square and you can tell just by looking at it, how much work must go into setting these up. After this early visit we were even more excited to see it.

Last evening we finally finished work for the day to go check it out and even after we had already seen the work-in-progress, the end result made us stare in awe!

This installation was the highlight of the area and its easy to see why! I was reading up on it and this is the second year they have installed this ‘Blue Tree’ or “l’Arbre bleu de Pierre Bardet” as part of the Christmas celebrations in the city.

This was amazing but it didn’t stop here…they hadn’t just lit up the city square, they had completely transformed it!! I mean they had an ICE SKATING RING in the middle of it all… where there was previously nothing! It was absolutely magical – with huge Christmas decorations hanging overhead, people skating under the lights, drinks and food next to the ring and fantastic retro music in English! Songs like Lemon Tree by Fool’s Garden, All about that base by Meghan Trainor and even some Britney Spears!

It couldn’t have been more fun!

The other AMAZING thing was that it was crowded!! even by our Delhi standards…there were people everywhere.. with kids, dogs, cycles, crazy Santa hats and anything else you can think of. They were eating and drinking, some were dancing around the place with bottles and glasses in their hands, they were talking loudly (!!) and having an absolute ball. Groups of friends around a heater laughing, parents teaching kids to skate, men walking around singing along with the music, some foot stomping and there was even a live band in the other square! This was the most ‘crowded and active’ we had seen any place in Luxembourg since we arrived here and it was awesome.

We tried some Christmas beer and then walked around to try some of the Gluhwein we had been waiting to get our hands on. It was delicious of course and we tried the three flavors they had between us – Rouge, Amaretto and Rhum. Overall, it was a really fun night even though not nearly long enough and we were so taken by the sights and sounds, we didn’t end up eating anything there! So we’re heading back there again tonight to get a taste of the fabulous soups, pastas, spaghetti and cheese we spotted while walking around yesterday.

Au re-voir!

P.S: Am also dying to bring one of these home with me!


4 thoughts on “Gluhed

  1. Marya Kumar says:

    So glad you were not gluh-ed out and could tell us about the magic in the air at the city centre market and take enchanting pictures of it!! Enjoy your meal and the gluhwein today!!


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