Resto-review: ‘Ready’


We came across ‘Ready’ coffee shop entirely by chance. It was one of the days in our initial 2 weeks here when it was not raining (for a while it seemed like it was going to rain forever) and we were out exploring the city… and on this occasion with an agenda. We were out looking for indoor swimming pools for me to frequent and had selected the ‘Piscine Municipale de Bonnevoie’ as our first option to visit. After walking from place to place, catching bus after bus and trying to walk ourselves into warmth, we were starving and desperate to grab a coffee and sandwich in the first place we spotted.

That cafe around the corner happened to be ‘Ready’ and we could not have walked into a nicer place on a cold day. Everything about the place spelled WARM, right from the mix and match seating around the place… a low hammock like seat, a window ledge, a brightly colored stool, some wooden crates, subtle printed cushions thrown around.. to the handwritten menu on a blackboard and the smell of cake and sandwiches in the air. The mix of people sitting there only added to the charm…there was a girl in the corner with her feet up on the window ledge totally lost in a book, a young sharp corporate-type with a buzz-cut and high ankle pants sat working on some music software… I peeped because he kept tapping his feet and had this giant pair of headphones on and well, I got curious! A traveler on another table who looked relatively new like us.. I noticed him because he took his rucksack to the toilet with him and left everything else on the table he was seated at. Everyone kind of looked like this was their usual place with their usual seat.

One of the owners, ‘Yuki’ was at the counter when we went in and she was very welcoming and helpful about finding us a good veggie option. We ordered a hot chocolate and a cold veggie sandwich which were both delicious. In fact, the cafe had many vegan options and their vegan brunch on weekends is very popular from what I’ve read online…another addition to the to-try list!

All-in-all it’s definitely one of the nicest cafes we have discovered here in Luxembourg and is now a star on my Google maps app.


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